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From Rugby to the Real World with Isa Nacewa & Sanj Silva | S3. EP 15

Today we’re sitting down with ex rugby player, king party planner – Isa Nacewa. It’s been 4 years to the day since his last game of professional rugby, so Sanj sat down with him to chat about his transition from professional sports into the ‘real world’ as the CEO of Money Empire.

GUEST SPEAKER: Simon Dumergue | S3. EP 14

Today’s episode brings you the wonderful Simon Dumergue. He chats to Goran and Kayne about The Empire Group’s latest project – Development Empire and what lead him to end up in this role.  With 15+ years of experience, delivering huge projects, and managing portfolios of up to US$150m, investment and development in residential property in Auckland, Simon is a mogul in the industry!

GUEST SPEAKER: Magic Mike | S3. EP 13

The man, the myth, the legend Mike Yee (AKA Magic Mike) is with us this week! The newest kid on the Money Empire block sat down and had a chat with Isa about food, music and his background in finance that eventually led him to join the team. 

The Age of Scammers | S3. EP 12

Inventing Anna, the Tinder Swindler, Bad Vegan – we’ve been enthralled in the lives of big scale scammers. Yet we know that they can come at any level. Whether it’s high profile fraud or your standard ‘I need $5000’ email from a prince, keep yourself protected and give this ‘sode a listen! 

GUEST SPEAKER: Lynda Moore on Collaborative Law | S3. EP 11

We were absolutely thrilled to have the lovely Lynda back on the poddy. This week she sat down with Kayne and Sanj to chat all about collaborative law. “Collaborative law as it is a non-adversarial approach for couples who are separating and don’t want to destroy each other emotionally or financially along the way.” She explains the ins and outs of it and why it might be a good option for you if you are going through a separation.

Guest Speaker: Cam Barrett | S3. EP 10

We’ve got our brand new cool cat, craft beer drinking, mountain biking man on this week’s episode. Cam comes to us from a background in the banking biz and is ready to set his sights on helping people make their dreams a reality! You’ll no doubt hear him slinging some yarns on future ‘sodes so give it a listen to see what he’s about.

What’s Up with KiwiSaver? | S3. EP 9

Is who he shall not be named ruining KiwiSaver? Do you need to change your contribution? What even is KiwiSaver? The boys chat through their thoughts on the whole shebang.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sanj Silva | S3 EP. 7

We are absolutely thrilled to have our new Head of Growth and Strategic Relations, Sanj Silva on this week’s episode. Kayne sat down with Sanj to talk about his past roles and what lead him to Money Empire. He’ll no doubt become a regular voice on the podcast so get excited and make him feel welcome!

The Cost of Living | S3. EP 6

The topic on everyone’s lips; the cost of living. From fuel prices, to food, the team chat through the sky rocketing price of existence in today’s episode and what small changes they make to manage in the current climate!

Why Do You Need a Property Manager? | S3. EP 5

We’ve got the man, the myth, the legend, Hamish Paterson on today’s sode! Him and Kayne sit down to chat about what makes a good property manager and their most recent venture, Property Empire. With a Bachelor of Business in Property Valuation and Property Management, followed by a Masters in Business, Hamish is your go-to guy for property management.

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