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GUEST SPEAKER: Hapunan | S2. EP 88

We are thrilled to have the lovely Laura & Aldrin from Hapunan sit down and talk to us about their journey with Hapunan. Aldrin’s passion for South East Asian Cuisine sparked an all time high after taking Laura with him on a trip back home to his roots in Manila. Goran chats to them about how they started off with a food truck and have since opened up an eatery in Huapai.

WTF is Happening with Evergrande? | S2. EP 87

The name on everyone’s lips at the moment – Evergrande. In today’s episode the guys and Lisa give you a break down on what is happening in with the real estate giants, what is happening in China and how it could have a global knock on effect. 

LOCKDOWN DAILY: What We’re Grateful For | S2 EP. 82

Today’s topic: Gratitude. We do our best to stay sane and provide gratitude, and in level 4, it’s hard to be reminded of things that keep you happy and moving forward. This episode we talk about the little things that have kept us going and how vital gratitude is.  

GUEST SPEAKER: Lynda Moore Teens and Money | S2 EP. 83

Lynda Moore the magical money mentalist is back again. Today we talk through all things money and teenagers. For those that have teenagers (or have ever been), money can be sometimes a tough topic as they learn independence, work part-time jobs, and grow up! 

LOCKDOWN DAILY: Finances And Partners | S2 EP. 80

Today’s topic: partners and finances. Everyone has a different money personality, and more often than not, opposites attract. How do the guys talk to their partners about money and finances in a healthy way? Are there some tough conversations that we’ve had before? 

GUEST SPEAKER: Ben Spangl Money Mindset | S2 EP. 79

If anyone heard episode 62 uploaded, you shouldn’t have because the audio is frankly shite. Luckily, Ben Spangl is here again to chat all things money and mindset with us! Ben focuses on life changing affirmations, meditation, and simply believing in yourself. A huge topic to understand, hopefully we do it justice.  

LOCKDOWN DAILY: The Sharemarket | S2 EP. 78

Today’s topic: The Sharemarket. We talk through the sharemarket, why people invest and what to keep in mind when you’re venturing into the big wide world of shares. 

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