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Overseas? You can still buy in NZ! | S3 EP. 23

You can still build your empire from across the mighty seas that separate New Zealand with the rest of the world. Why is now the best time to buy? Listen in to Kayne and Isa to get in the know. 

You can get a 5% Home Loan deposit?! | S3 EP. 22

Lisa and Neve join Kayne on all things low deposit lending. And yes, you can get a 5% home loan deposit. Surely there’s a catch though, right? WRONG. Find out everything you need to know about a 5% deposit – finally something affordable for the first home buyers in this hectic market.

How To Prepare Financially For Having A Baby | S3 EP. 21

Kayne, Isa, and working mum & financial expert Lisa Barton talk all things baby and preparation. Babies are expensive, cost of living is on the rise, and financial pressures don’t help the stress of taking on a heap of responsibility.

GUEST SPEAKER: James Tucker | S3. EP 19

Interested in sneakers? This is the pod for you. We’re lucky enough to have Strategy Director James chat about his passion project driver, anything he’s learned, and where to next.

GUEST SPEAKER: Nathan Price | S3. EP 17

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Nathan Price, the Culture and Wellbeing Manager at New Zealand Rugby. He chatted to Sanj about the importance of mental health in the sports industry and how Head First can help people with those hard discussions.

The Bank of Mum & Dad | S3. EP 16

The ‘bank of mum and dad’ is now Aotearoa’s fifth-biggest home loan lender! We sat down with a few of our in-house experts to chat about the ins and outs of the BOMD and how they’re helping their kids into their first homes.

From Rugby to the Real World with Isa Nacewa & Sanj Silva | S3. EP 15

Today we’re sitting down with ex rugby player, king party planner – Isa Nacewa. It’s been 4 years to the day since his last game of professional rugby, so Sanj sat down with him to chat about his transition from professional sports into the ‘real world’ as the CEO of Money Empire.

GUEST SPEAKER: Simon Dumergue | S3. EP 14

Today’s episode brings you the wonderful Simon Dumergue. He chats to Goran and Kayne about The Empire Group’s latest project – Development Empire and what lead him to end up in this role.  With 15+ years of experience, delivering huge projects, and managing portfolios of up to US$150m, investment and development in residential property in Auckland, Simon is a mogul in the industry!

GUEST SPEAKER: Magic Mike | S3. EP 13

The man, the myth, the legend Mike Yee (AKA Magic Mike) is with us this week! The newest kid on the Money Empire block sat down and had a chat with Isa about food, music and his background in finance that eventually led him to join the team. 

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