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New Look, Same Us (Why To Update Your Brand) | S2 EP. 69

Aug 17, 2021

We’ve had a makeover! A brand new website and some exciting content. Goran, Isa, and Kayne are here to chat through the latest updates from a brand and marketing perspective. Why is it so important to update your branding? What have the guys learned along the way? What’s the most surprising aspect of marketing and strategy? Where to even begin? We answer all the burning questions.

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Why is Sticking to a Budget so Hard | S2. EP 99

Budgets – we make them, we break them. Why is sticking to one so damn hard? Kayne and Lisa have a chat about the common mistakes people can make with their budgets and what they do to stick to theirs.

Who We’re Supporting Post Lockdown | S2. EP 98

The world is opening back up and we can finally go out and support our local favs! The guys and gals talk about where they’ll be heading first when we move into the traffic light system.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mother Made | S2. EP 97

We have an absolute treat for you today! The lovely Jess and Em from Mother Made zoom in with Goran and Isa to chat about their journey. From using functional mushrooms overseas to coming back to New Zealand mid pandemic to start their own brand, Mother Made focuses on a ‘from the ground up’ approach to health and beauty.