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GUEST SPEAKER: Sanj Silva | S3 EP. 7

Mar 23, 2022

We are absolutely thrilled to have our new Head of Growth and Strategic Relations, Sanj Silva on this week’s episode. Kayne sat down with Sanj to talk about his past roles and what lead him to Money Empire. He’ll no doubt become a regular voice on the podcast so get excited and make him feel welcome!

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The Gender Pay Gap | S3 EP. 30

The gender pay gap in NZ in 2022 is 9.1%. Kayne, Isa, and our resident financial adviser Lisa Barton all have daughters, so this topic is close to our hearts. Working in finance, we see this every day, and transparency between genders, races, religions, or sexualities and a societal shift necessary is the way forward to remove this.

Money Health, Mental Health, and Booze | S3 EP. 28

Our binge drinking culture in New Zealand is pretty terrible, alongside our  stats of mental health and money health. Isa, Kayne, and Sanj chat through these huge topics: how to manage all three, their personal opinions and experiences, and the connection between money, mental health, and booze.