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CCCFA, Cost Of Living, And Buying Lattes | S3 EP. 25

Jul 20, 2022

Everyone’s recommendation is to stop buying flat whites, stop buying takeaways, and generally make sure you are not spending money randomly under the CCCFA and the cost of living going up. But… What about the changes to the CCCFA? Does not buying a precious oat milk flat white really impact you in the long run?

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How Shifting House Prices Actually Affect You | S3 EP. 32

From the economy taking shifts, to the homeowners never wanting to move, to families wanting to upgrade… It’s easy for everyone to talk about the ever-changing house prices, but… What about renters? What about first home buyers? WTF does it mean?!

The Gender Pay Gap | S3 EP. 30

The gender pay gap in NZ in 2022 is 9.1%. Kayne, Isa, and our resident financial adviser Lisa Barton all have daughters, so this topic is close to our hearts. Working in finance, we see this every day, and transparency between genders, races, religions, or sexualities and a societal shift necessary is the way forward to remove this.