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CCCFA, Cost Of Living, And Buying Lattes | S3 EP. 25

Jul 20, 2022

Everyone’s recommendation is to stop buying flat whites, stop buying takeaways, and generally make sure you are not spending money randomly under the CCCFA and the cost of living going up. But… What about the changes to the CCCFA? Does not buying a precious oat milk flat white really impact you in the long run?

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What You Can Do if You Can’t Settle a Turnkey Property | S4 EP. 13

With the current cost of living, rising interest rates and a potential recession on the cards, people might be finding it more difficult to settle on their turnkey properties. Sanj, Kayne and Lisa sat down to chat about what you can do if you’re facing this situation!

GUEST SPEAKER: Amy – Slice to Buy | S4 EP. 12

Amy from Slice to Buy is on a mission to make home ownership in New Zealand more accessible to everyone. Kayne and Isa chat with Amy about founding her company and her goal to give Aotearoa citizens better opportunities to get into property ownership.