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Basic Fundamentals of Purchasing your First Home | Ep.2

Jan 20, 2020

In this episode, Kayne Wahlstrom & Isa Nacewa discuss what you need to think about when buying your first home. We touch on deposits, Servicing and the purchase process along with engaging with key individuals and experts for advice.

Kayne: Welcome to Beyond the Field, my name is Kayne Wahlstrom, and I am here with Isa Nacewa, in-house and resident adviser. Isa, welcome back.

Isa: It’s great to be back, and it’s great to be in 2020 and in the new year. Really keen to get the ball rolling!

Kayne: This episode we’re going to touch on an overview and key aspects of buying your first home. First of all, Isa, what are some things or people you need to talk to when purchasing a home.

Isa: I think first and foremost, having a really good solicitor or lawyer to do all of the conveyancing on your behalf and look after all of the legal obligations around purchasing a property or purchasing your first home, is key. Having a really good solicitor that is someone you trust is really important.

Kayne: So just for everyone out there, that solicitor acts on behalf when purchasing a home that you like.

Isa: Yes, they will act on your behalf and have your best interest at heart. They look after all of the legal obligations such as transfer, settlement, and any conveyancing as part of the property purchase.

Kayne: So pretty much they will tell you your home to stay away.

Isa: They’ll tell you if you’re going to buy a lemon. And if you have a really good solicitor and it’s someone you trust, it just gives you peace of mind purchasing a house, which can be a scary thing for a lot of young people out there. Especially first home buyers.

Kayne: Now tell me, I hear this going around, do people need to engage with an accountant when buying a first home?

If you’re keen to listen in and know more, give this super important podcast a listen, or get in touch!

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