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Life Beyond The Field | Ep.1

Jan 20, 2020

In this episode we introduce Isa Nacewa who has transitioned from a successful rugby career into the finance and property sector hosted by Kayne Wahlstrom, founder of Money Empire. With Isa, we talk Rugby, Family and his new career being a financial adviser with Money Empire. Isa talks about how he can pass on his knowledge and education to help professional athletes build their wealth pre and post playing career.
Our motto is that ‘not one size fits all and there is a solution for everybody’.

Kayne: So welcome to all of you listeners out there. The first ever podcast of Money Empire. My name is Kayne Whalstrom, one of the founders of a financial adviser business in Auckland, but helps people across New Zealand and across the world build wealth. Predominantly in property. I have financial advisor and inhouse resident Isa Nacewa with us. The first podcast really is talking to Isa abot his journey and how he came into contact with Finance and learning to help people. So Isa, welcome!

Isa: Thank you, it’s good to be here. It’s all new and exciting times to launch this podcast. Hopefully we’ll get a good following and it will all go from there. But this is the first of many.

Kayne: Brilliant. Isa, tell us firstly about rugby and how you got into it, and how it all started. 

Isa: Look, I was just your typical Kiwi kid growing up when I started playing rugby. Picked up a rugby ball when I was five years old in a Rugby club in Auckland. Obviously overtime grew to be big rivals later in life! But I just loved running around with the ball and playing sports. I played cricket growing up and supportive parents that drove me everywhere on Saturdays. Tuesdays, and Thursday training during the week. I just grew up in One Tree Hill / Onehunga with mum and dad who are still there and have lived in their house for near on fourty years. Just a typical upbringing really, and sport was a big part of life.

Kayne: Fantastic. Now tell me, Senior Club, who was it in Auckland?

Isa: The one and only, the Grammar Carlton that is soon to be Grammar Tech. That probably was Grafton and all the way back in the day was 8 clubs all in one. The mighty Grammar tech ended up being the club of choice for a lot of people that went to Auckland Grammar. Why did I go there? Because all of my mates went there. Hands down was the only reason. There were a few other clubs that other people would go to for their own choice, but for me, it was wherever my mates were going. 

To learn a little more about famous rugby star Isa Nacewa, listen in to this podcast! 

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