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GUEST SPEAKER: Lynda Moore Teens and Money | S2 EP. 83

Sep 21, 2021

Lynda Moore the magical money mentalist is back again. Today we talk through all things money and teenagers. For those that have teenagers (or have ever been), money can be sometimes a tough topic as they learn independence, work part-time jobs, and grow up! 

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Debunking Property (and Rent) Myths | S3 EP. 34

“The property market will crash and I will buy then” // “I can’t afford a house” // “Buying a home is completely off the cards for me” // The list of property and rent myths really do go on, and all of the advisers share their thoughts and their constant property myths they have to BUST.

How Shifting House Prices Actually Affect You | S3 EP. 32

From the economy taking shifts, to the homeowners never wanting to move, to families wanting to upgrade… It’s easy for everyone to talk about the ever-changing house prices, but… What about renters? What about first home buyers? WTF does it mean?!