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GUEST SPEAKER: Lynda Moore Teens and Money | S2 EP. 83

Sep 21, 2021

Lynda Moore the magical money mentalist is back again. Today we talk through all things money and teenagers. For those that have teenagers (or have ever been), money can be sometimes a tough topic as they learn independence, work part-time jobs, and grow up! 

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GUEST SPEAKER: Hapunan | S2. EP 88

We are thrilled to have the lovely Laura & Aldrin from Hapunan sit down and talk to us about their journey with Hapunan. Aldrin’s passion for South East Asian Cuisine sparked an all time high after taking Laura with him on a trip back home to his roots in Manila. Goran chats to them about how they started off with a food truck and have since opened up an eatery in Huapai.

WTF is Happening with Evergrande? | S2. EP 87

The name on everyone’s lips at the moment – Evergrande. In today’s episode the guys and Lisa give you a break down on what is happening in with the real estate giants, what is happening in China and how it could have a global knock on effect.