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FOMO F***ing Up Your Finances? | S2 EP. 55

Jun 29, 2021

FOMO can absolutely f**k your finances, especially if you are someone who struggles to say no! Here Isa, Goran, and Kayne discuss how to be more affordable while not missing out on events with friends. You don’t need to keep up with everyone! 

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How To Prepare Financially For Having A Baby | S3 EP. 21

Kayne, Isa, and working mum & financial expert Lisa Barton talk all things baby and preparation. Babies are expensive, cost of living is on the rise, and financial pressures don’t help the stress of taking on a heap of responsibility.

GUEST SPEAKER: James Tucker | S3. EP 19

Interested in sneakers? This is the pod for you. We’re lucky enough to have Strategy Director James chat about his passion project driver, anything he’s learned, and where to next.